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Functional Testing for Gut Problems

Monday, March 05, 2018
Suspect there's a functional problem with your digestion? Here are some of the functional tests that can be engaged to help discern why your digestion has problems.

When you need a comprehensive picture of what’s going wrong.

The CDSA (comprehensive stool digestive analysis) provides a good overview of what’s going right, and what’s going wrong. One or more stool samples are collected to find out –
- If there are parasites – and if so, which, and how severe is the infection
- The presence of good (helpful) and bad (damaging) bacteria 
- The presence of problem fungi like candida
- Whether your immune system is alerted, indicating food intolerances
- How well your digestive enzymes are working
- Whether there are red blood cells present
There are different  levels of sophistication in the testing mechanism that affect the price you will pay for the test. The best test for you is decided through discussion with your practitioner.


If you think you have a leaky gut

There are two ways of testing: 
- One is to deliberately drink a solution of mannitol and lactulose, which, if you have a leaky gut, will then appear in your urine.
- Another test for leaky gut is a blood test, This test looks for the presence of markers of intestinal barrier problems in your bloodstream. It’s called the “Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment”

If you think you have parasites, or candida, or a bacterial infection

A stool test  can reveal whether you have intestinal candida; a blood spot test will reveal your level of candida antibodies. Which test you would choose depends on whether you believe you have a candida infection that is either confined to your digestion, or systemic (right through your body).

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